About Me

For the past 8 years, I have been the private chef and gluten-free baker extraordinaire behind Real Food Made Easy, and the creator of  House Made cocktail bitters and syrups.  Starting in 2017, I will be focussing on bespoke baking for special occasions, using the repertoire of recipes I have created over the years, along with the expertise I have developed in addressing dietary restrictions in the most delicious manner possible.

In late 2008, I began Real Food Made Easy after many years of a rewarding career as an economist in the BC Public Service. Food and cooking from scratch has always been an integral part of my life, and I wanted to bring the excitement I have about food and cooking to others.

Soon after setting out on this new career, I began getting requests for gluten-free baked goods, and thus began my own research and development to create the best possible gluten-free foods I could.  Over the past few years, we began eating gluten-free at home, in large-part to help my husband manage his Crohn’s symptoms.  This means all my recipes are tried and tested and I consider them tasty enough to be our own staple pantry items too!  In February 2013, I officially divested myself of all gluten-ful baking and cooking and currently operate a 100% gluten-free kitchen, using ingredients that we source to also be 100% gluten-free.

My cocktail-related ventures began about the same time in parallel, primarily to keep myself supplied in bitters and syrups that were not available on the market.  I also began creating original cocktail recipes spurred on by reading about cocktail history and participating in the cocktail-hacking collaborations of the now defunct Mixoloseum (an online, weekly gathering of cocktail nerds).   My bitters and syrups are created with culinary flavour profiles in mind, and are really extensions of the food side of me, and in fact, use many of my bitters in both sweet and savoury culinary applications.

Since embarking on producing the bitters as a line:

  • I won the title of Best Home Bartender at the 2011 Art of the Cocktail,
  • I created and introduced a total of 8 cocktail bitters flavours that House Made now makes on a regular basis
  • I have worked with Merridale Ciderworks since 2012 to produce custom cocktail recipes that showcase their aged and unaged Spirits
  • Produced 3 original cocktail recipes that were published in Cocktail Culture: a book published in 2013 by Shawn Soole and Nate Caudle.

I’m also a maker of things and consider myself generally handy to have around in a zombie apocalypse.  I possess some basic carpentry, plumbing and gardening skills, and have a strong DIY ethos about most things that screw or nail together.  I’m an avid sewer of things and knitter of yarn, and can and do make all manner of things to wear from fabric and fiber